The all-in-one interface for your robot to design, simulate and deploy any pallet you want, in just a few seconds.

1. Add your product

Set robot to pick multiple products at a time, choose how they are oriented in the conveyor, and which is the direction of the label.

2. Choose Your Pallet

Select, create, or modify pallets with ease. Set the layers, the sheets, and fine-tune parameters for optimal arrangement. 

3. Choose your Layout

Our algorithm gives you plenty of choices to select the one that fits your needs. Each one has been tested for feasibility.

4. Instant Preview

Preview the palletizing process in a 3D simulation. Get valuable insights before deployment so that there aren’t any surprises. 

Click to Deploy

That’s it! Press ‘Deploy’ and the actual robot starts palletizing. No file transfering necessary.  Monitor the robotic cell in real-time, see diagnostics, and get the smoothest palletizing experience. 

Palletize with AI

Harnessing the power of AI to reduce hardware dependencies and maximize flexibility

Multiplace efficiency

Place multi-picked objects in different locations on the pallet to reduce travel time

Feasibility Check

Verify that the plan you designed is within the robot’s capabilities

Optimized Motion Planning

Our algorithm optimizes for cycle time, avoiding collisions, joint limits and singularities

Pattern Generation

Choose the pattern you want that is optimized for stability, cycle time, and pallet utilization


The planner chooses automatically how many objects to pick at a time

Rotate batches automatically

The planner can talk to the conveyor’s automation and prepare batches in different orientation

Communicate with the PLC

Get and set any signal from the PLC using OPC-UA

Same-day remote support

Stuck? We can help you fix the problem without waiting

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